Welcome to our dance community!

Now in its 42nd year, Joy of Motion Dance Center provides high-quality dance education and performances for students and audiences at all ages and stages of development.

At Joy of Motion, Dance is for Everyone. Whether you love to dance, are a lover of the art form presented on stage, or support an emerging dancer, we have a place for you! We are committed to building strong, healthy communities of people who share a universal love of dance.

Community Dance School

Classes and workshops that train, inspire, and support dancers of all ages and stages of development.
Drop-in classes (adults), Series Classes (youth & adults), Summer camps (youth), Intro to Dance, Social Dance, Workshops.

Dance Institute

Rigorous conservatory-style training programs for youth and adult students dedicated to dance. Youth Dance Ensemble, American Dance Conservatory, and LEAP! Program for Adults, Master Classes.

Motion Exchange

Programs to strengthen communities and improve education through dance. In-school and after-school dance education, integration, & residencies. Free educational concerts.
Step Ahead (summer employment program for older youth).

Center Stage

Concerts and performances that entertain and enlighten audiences, building appreciation and support for the art of dance. Joy of Motion Dance Festival, Studio to Stage, Youth Performance Companies, presented works.