The following donors, organizations, and agencies play a crucial role in advancing access to dance education and performance:

Government and Foundations

$100,000 and up
Bloomberg Philanthropies
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

$20,000 and up
Harman Family Foundation
Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation
The Share Fund
United Way of the National Capital Area

$10,000 and up
Anonymous Family Foundation
Clark Winchcole Foundation
Eugene M. Lang Foundation

$5,000 and up
Corina Higginson Trust
Dallas Morse Coors Foundation for the Performing Arts

$1,000 and up
Capitol Hill Community Foundation
Dimick Foundation
Nora Roberts Foundation

* This list is in the process of being updated

Community Partners

Joy of Motion is honored to collaborate with the following organizations and government agencies:

After-School All-Stars | Atlas Performing Arts Center | Communities in Schools | DC Public Schools | DC Public Charter Schools
DC Summer Youth Employment Program | Devenio Inc. | The Washington Center | Able Moving Company

Individuals and Families

Annual Donors

Fourth & Fifth Circles
Elizabeth and Philo Hall
Elisa Rapaport and Michael Schoenbaum
Laurence and Florence Meyer
Rochelle Bobroff and Alfred Mamlet

Third Circle
Chani and Steven Laufer
Daniel Pink and Jessica Lerner
Eccles Family Foundation
Evelyn Brandt
Flachs Family Fund
Katie Cissel Greenway
Sarah and Ted Wartell
Sharon Parrott and Ari Blumenthal
Stephanie Meyer and Eric Dunn
William Cain and Barbara Harman

Second Circle
Belinda Lee
Brent Agnew
Carol Edson
Christen Glenn
Della Larson
Dorothy Dort Levy
Elaine Goldman
Judith Lee
Kenneth and Marti Williams
Laura Riese
Loren Amdursky and Edward Nelson
Margaret Riddle
Richard Gervase and Stuart Delery
Sharon Parrott and Ari Blumenthal
Stacy Fischbach
Tom and Nancy Gavin
Ute Moeller

First Circle
Alison Martin
Anayansie Small
Angelique Skoulas
Caitlin Oppenheimer
Caren Benjamin
Caroline Gately
Claire McGuire
Devki Virk
Eiko and John Roberti
Emily Dupree
Eric Glantz and Jessica Nassau
Frances Alexander
Frank Gorman and Lisa Rosenberg
Grail Snipes
Ivette Rivera and Michael Hayes
James Jacobs
Karen Ackerman
Karen Evans
Kimberly Strandberg
Kristin Willians
Larry Kanarek
Laurie Crain
Lee Guerry
Maria and Greg Rooney
Rachel Loeffler
Reich Meyer Family Fund
Roslyn Korb
Sergio Guzman
Scott Berhang and Jessica Nesterak-Berhang
Sharon Huang and Giannotto Penati
Shujia Ma
Stephen Vago and Sharon Crowell

* This list is in the process of being updated.

Monthly Donors

Choreographers Circle
Beth-ann Roth and Richard Kirby
Kevin Edwards
Tom and Nancy Gavin

Producers Circle
Aleta Margolis and Michael Brodsky
Erva Cockfield
Hallie Sherard

Directors Circle
Caitlin Mitchell
Carson Campe
Leah Kalinosky
Lewellyn Belber
Margaret Riddle

Dancers Circle
Brent Agnew
Elizabeth Allen
Francesca Recantini
Julia Harman-Cain
Sarah Davis

* * This list is in the process of being updated.

Despite our best efforts, errors may have occurred in producing this list. If you notice an error, please accept our apologies and let us know right away: Joy of Motion Dance Center abides by the ethical principles and standards outlined by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Click here to read your Donor Bill of Rights.