Meet the Leadership Team!

    Leadership Team

  • Imani Cole, Studio Manager
  • Arabia Woolfolk, Studio Manager

Imani Cole, Studio Manager- Adult



Arabia Woolfolk, Studio Manager- Youth


Arabia Woolfolk, a native Washingtonian, has more than 20 years of dance experience in diverse industries including: business, education, entertainment, performing arts and professional sports; including the workstudy program at Joy of Motion when she was in high school.  She began her career as a Valorette; a professional dancer for DC’s Arena Football team, The Washington Valor. Arabia is an NFL Cheer Alum and enjoyed her time as a professional cheerleader, dance educator and teacher; while also serving the community as United States of America’s Miss DC in 2019 and Miss Eastern Market DC USA in 2021. Now as Studio Manager, Arabia brings her passions and experience to our community, hoping to “bring a little joy to the dance floor and the community.”