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Private lessons are perfect for new dancers to get started, seasoned dancers to improve their technical and artistic skills, or couples to create an intimate experience for a special event or even just for fun!

4 Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Convenience

Private lessons can be scheduled to fit into student’s schedule instead of the student having to work around pre-set group classes.

  • Privacy

Private lessons are a great way to find your joy in dance without the stresses, anxiety and distractions that sometimes come with taking group classes.  This can be especially true for students new to dance who may be nervous with the idea of taking that first step on their personal dance journey in such a public setting.

  • Customized Instruction

In a private lesson setting, no time is wasted.  The content of every lesson is tailored specifically for the student’s wants and needs.  These areas can include, the pace of the instruction and the teaching method that works best for the personality and learning style of the student, consideration of a student’s previous dance experience, physical limitations due to injury, or technical and artistic strengths or weaknesses, and even personalized corrections.  It is also the ideal setting for learning and/or rehearsing choreographic work.

  • Faster Progression

Regardless of the student’s purpose or goals for engaging in private lessons, the one-on-one format increases the speed at which goals are achieved.


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Additional Info & FAQs

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