The Spring schedule is LIVE and Registration is OPEN!

The Spring term is February 3rd through June 8th.


When creating your account, select “I take classes” if you are signing yourself up, and select “Add a student” to add children to your account.


Class Attire- Required Uniforms

Easily find the correct uniforms by visiting our online store HERE! Tights may be listed multiple times, each listing is a different color.

For ballet shoes, options include Washington Dancewear or Footlights.

Tiny Motion/Ballet Motion/Kid Motion/Jr. Ballet: Pink leotard (short sleeve), pink tights, pink ballet shoes (1-2 sizes smaller than street shoe size), pink ballet skirt.  Boys – white or black t-shirts, black sweat pants, black socks.

Ballet:  Girls – Marine blue leotard short sleeve, flesh-toned tights, flesh-toned ballet slippers.

Boys – White t-shirt, black sweat pants, black socks, black ballet slippers

(Ballet slippers are1-2 sizes smaller than street shoe sizes and should fit snugly)

Tap/Musical Theater/Jazz/Jazz Hip Hop Combo: Girls – Mulberry pink leotard short sleeve, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes. Boys – black T-Shirts, black Sweat Pants, black socks, black jazz shoes.

Tap Shoes – Youth Black Tap Shoe Velcro strap / 12 & up Black Oxford Tap Shoe

Hip Hop/Street Dance:  Girls – Black T-shirt, black sweat pants, black sneakers

Boys -Black t-shirt, black sweat pants, black socks, black sneakers