Summer Class Registration is closed • Fall Classes will open in mid-July


How do I enroll in Summer Camp? | Do Joy of Motion students perform? | We’re new! Where do we start?

Session Dates:
Winter/Spring Classes: Jan. 8th – June 9th
Spring-Only Classes: April 9th – June 11th
*One-Week Break*
Summer Classes: June 18th – Aug. 26th

* Joy of Motion is closed for ALL programs on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

Please Note: need-based financial aid (full and partial awards) is available for all youth programs. Learn more right here.

Performance Info:
Most Winter/Spring classes for Grades 1-12 perform at the Joy of Motion Dance Festival on Sunday June 10th. There are a small number of Spring-Only classes that also perform there. All such classes will say “JoyFest” in the class name.

“What To Wear” Info:
We have a short blog post about selecting dance attire!

Schedules and Info By Age:

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