Community Anti-Racism Pledge

Join us in creating an equitable and anti-racist space, sign our anti-racism pledge today.

Community Anti-Racism Pledge

  • In order to become more anti-racist, and to build a dance community that can truly be for everyone, I pledge to uphold the following:

    I believe that Dance is for Everyone. I will support, encourage, and empower dancers from all backgrounds and cultures in our classes. I will challenge incidents of racist behavior and support others who are challenging racist behavior. I commit to examine my own actions and biases and to seek with humility to correct my own actions that are racist. I commit to listening to those who have a different race, heritage, culture, and experience from my own with an open heart and open mind, and to learn from them what words, actions, practices, policies, or structures they experience as racist. I will encourage open and productive conversations on race and racism with my friends and family. I commit to learning the history of my dance form through a multicultural lens; to celebrate the triumphs, grieve the tragedies, and learn from the mistakes of the past. I will recognize, challenge, and actively dismantle the inequities that have led to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) being vastly underrepresented in the dance space; and will invite, celebrate, and support our BIPOC dance community in our classes. I commit to honor and embrace diversity, and to stand against racism wherever it appears.


    • COMMUNITY: I commit to creating an inclusive community through my work and create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and creativity.
    • INCLUSION: I commit to deeply listening, inviting, and valuing everyone’s participation and engagement through a lens of justice
    • GROWTH: I commit to challenging myself, my friends, colleagues, and fellow dancers to reach their fullest potential of artistic and personal excellence.
    • ACCEPTANCE: I commit to meeting people where they are, respecting their contributions, and viewing our differences as opportunities for artistic innovation.