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The Spring Schedule is LIVE and Registration is OPEN!

The Spring term is February 3rd through June 8th.

Youth classes are designed for students (Ages 2 years+) looking to learn about a style while building their technical prowess.


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When creating your account, Adults dancers select “I take classes” if you are signing yourself up, and select parents/guardians select “Add a student” to add children to your account.


Tiny Motion/Kid Motion/Ballet Motion

Teaching our youngest dancers, students Ages 18 months – 4, how to move to music and how to be in a dance class. Students play movement and dance based games. Students also develop motor skills, physical, and spatial awareness.


Classes for students age 5-7 designed to teach the basics of dance while still incorporating creativity. A segway class where dance terminology and techniques are developed with progressively challenging choreography and performance. 

Lower Level

Ages 8-11

Upper Level

Ages 12-14

Musical Theater Ensemble

Audition information to come!

Without hesitation, I can say Joy if Motion is truly a phenomenal dance school. The professionalism, passion, and skill of the instructors is unmatched. Instructors have a perfect balance of challenging, supporting, and engaging the students so the dancers are not only learning and perfecting their craft, but having fun at the same time.The “whole child” approach of Joy of Motion, mixed with the talented instructors, makes this dance studio incredibly unique in the Washington, DC area.”
— Katherine O., parent (Winter 2018 – present)