We are committed to cultivating a diverse community of dance students, educators, artists, and audiences in the DC metropolitan area by providing creative experiences that open doors for all ages and abilities. Because we believe that dance is a powerful vehicle for lifelong learning, well-being, transformation, and progress at Joy of Motion, we will:

  • Challenge you to realize your fullest potential.
  • Believe that you have the capacity to achieve artistic and personal excellence.
  • Foster authentic relationships and connections to make you feel like you are at home in our studios, whether we’re online or in-person.
  • Invite and value your participation and engagement through a lens of justice.
  • Meet you where you are, respect your contributions, and view our differences as opportunities for artistic innovation.
  • Uphold the principle that “Dance Is For Everyone” and create space for all to participate.
  • Pursue the highest standards of quality at all levels of dance education and performance.

We pledge to become more anti-racist and to build a dance community that is truly for everyone by committing to:

  • Challenge incidents of racist and/or discriminatory behavior and support others who are challenging racist behavior.
  • Examine our own actions and biases and to seek with humility to correct our own actions that are racist or discriminatory.
  • Listen to those who have a different race, heritage, culture, and experience from our own with an open heart and open mind, and to learn from you what words, actions, practices, policies, or structures you experience as racist.
  • Incorporate the history of the dance forms that we teach through a multicultural lens; to celebrate the triumphs, grieve the tragedies, and learn from the mistakes of the past.
  • Recognize, challenge, and actively dismantle the inequities that have led to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) being vastly underrepresented in the dance space; and invite, celebrate, and support our BIPOC community in our classes.
  • Honor and embrace diversity and to stand against racism wherever it appears.

Before registering for a class, please review our General Policies, Programming Policies Makeup Policies, and Payment, Cancellation and Refund Policies, listed below.


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