Adult Series Classes & Bootcamps are classes designed for students who are brand new to dance or looking to learn about a style while building their technical prowess. Perfect for people who want to progressively build skills. Up to 20 students per class.

Adult classes are open to teenagers on a case-by-case basis. Please contact if your teenager is interested in our adult series classes.

To register, call 202-813-9505!


Intro I – classes are for students who are true beginners. No prior dance experience is necessary!
Intro II – classes are for students who have taken Intro I or for dancers with experience in a similar style.


Series Classes:

6 Weeks • 45 minute classes  • $170

6 Weeks • 60 minute classes  • $185

6 Weeks • 1 hour 30 minute classes  • $200



3 Weeks • 45 – 60 minute classes • $50