HYPE the Company

Empowering Youth Through Street Dance Culture

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Alana Hill, Director

What Is H.Y.P.E.?
H – Hip Hop and all street dance styles
Y – Youth centered
P – Performance and freestyle
E – Education and understanding

Philosophy and Curriculum
Street dance has its own history, technique, and discipline just as other classical and traditional dance genres. This program exposes and challenges dancer’s knowledge and artistic ability in various street dance forms. This art form is a positive outlet to communicate the human experience, create cultural awareness and break stereotypes.

H.Y.P.E. offers a unique performance and training program for youth, which includes five performing companies, and an extensive offering of classes, workshops, camps, and intensives. Students in H.Y.P.E. also have opportunities to participate in performances, battles, and jams in our region and beyond. Our extensive curriculum includes history, technique and training, performance and choreography, and a focus on street styles such as house, locking, punking/waacking, b-boy/b-girling, popping, hip hop and more.

H.Y.P.E. Program Values

  • We believe freestyle skill building is an essential component of this art form and the ultimate expression in street dance culture regardless of style.
  • We believe choreography and performance are used as a platform to help create an understanding on how to move, build confidence and perform within each specific street dance style.
  • We believe all street dance styles have historical relevance and require discipline and technique within each respective style.
  • We believe that youth build confidence and skills for self-expression through the art form of street dance.
  • We believe in preserving, educating and exposing our youth in all aspects of street dance culture as it was and is created out of the African- American experience.
  • We believe that street dance is a tool for young people to build understanding of all cultures and backgrounds.
  • We believe that street dance provides youth the artistic outlet to communicate positive messages of unity and peace.

H.Y.P.E. Youth Dance Companies
H.Y.P.E.’s five Hip Hop performance companies offers dancers grades 3rd-12th diverse Hip Hop training cultivated through exposure, education, and performance. Company members learn various forms of street dance movement while developing an appreciation for Hip Hop as a rich and growing art form. The dancers have the opportunity to work with other talented choreographers and perform at an array of noteworthy events. In addition to exceptional training, H.Y.P.E. companies gives dancers a platform for developing identity, confidence, and artistic voice. Without question, H.Y.P.E. is a fun and encouraging place for dancers to continue their study of hip hop.

Rhythmix is our company for budding dancers (grades 3rd-6th) who show interest in performance and Hip Hop dance at an early age. Rhythmix dancers train in an environment where each individual’s unique abilities are respected and cultivated in addition to learning to dance as one strong unit.

Vibe Tribe is the resident youth Hip Hop company (grade 5th-8th) at Joy of Motion Dance Center’s Atlas studio location. Through their performances, Vibe Tribe inspires youth in the community to view Hip Hop and other urban dance styles as a positive, creative way to understand each other and to express one’s self.

Groove Elements provides an environment where dancers (grades 6th-8th) can build upon foundation skills while exploring new techniques in Hip Hop dance. Dancers in Groove Elements work on mastering dance concepts such as incorporating dynamic movement in choreography/freestyle, retaining and executing choreography, and refining performance quality.

HYPE: The Company, our teen company (grades 8th-12th), challenges dancers with pre-professional training in various forms of Hip Hop dance and choreography. Dancers in HYPE: The Company work with H.Y.P.E. Program Director, Alana Hill, as well as special guest teachers and choreographers to hone their artistic voice and expand their training in preparation for professional dance opportunities after high school.

HypeFlow is our Hip Hop freestyle dance company for 6th-12th grade dancers. Through technique training in various forms of Hip Hop dance and exploration in musicality, movement dynamics, artistic expression, and creativity, HypeFlow allows freestyle dances to explain their personal style and performance. HypeFlow member have the opportunity to participate in area battles, as well as hosts it’s very own Freestyle Battle where dances can share their talents with others in the Hip Hop community.

Tuition for H.Y.P.E. companies Rhythmix, Vibe Tribe, Groove Elements and HYPE:The Company is $2150, which includes tuition for 2 hour weekly rehearsal, 1 hour weekly company training class, costume fees, and a company t-shirt. Tuition for our freestyle company Hype Flow (6th-12th grade) is $1800 and includes tuition for 1.5 hour weekly rehearsal, 1 hour weekly company training class, costume fees, and a company t-shirt. You may only register for a youth company in person or by phone with a Studio Manager. Scholarships are available.

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