Turn a bad day into a Sassy one…

JOMDC isn’t taking off this summer and neither should you. Have you tried the new Sass class with Dani Q? Dani runs our Bethesda studio by day and choreographs acro-inspired jazz works (while wearing heels of course) by night. We checked in with her to see how her new Sass class is going.

Dani_2015_RPearl_thumbHi Dancers!

Class is going great! Here is a little clip from the choreography we learned last week in Sass class.  The choreography varies from week to week and everything is guaranteed sassy!

So far Sass has been a blast for me to teach!  I choreograph to a wide variety of music and it’s always sexy.  I am a big fan of sultry and at times complicated floor work, so in class we are always working on some sensuous floor moves.  What can I say, I love rolling around on the floor!

As you can see, not everyone wears shoes. Please don’t be intimidated by the heels. If you want a challenge (and killer calf workout) I recommend that you bring heels that are sturdy and secure on your feet. Straps are great! Sometimes, a pair of heels and a supportive crowd, are all you need to go from a bad day to a super fresh and sexy one. But you won’t know until you try!

It’s also my objective to give everyone a great workout and that means toning and improving flexibility during warm-up.  Then during choreography you are given the opportunity to learn sexy movement and build confidence. It’s so rewarding to watch dancers come back each week a little more confident! Don’t miss class this Thursday, 7:30pm at JOMDC Friendship Heights.

See you in class!

Dani Q