We are NOT accepting Financial Aid applications at this time,

as we remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Joy of Motion Dance Center is committed to access and inclusion in our youth programming. We do not turn any student away for inability to pay, and we want to work with our families to make long-term, high-level dance education possible.


Make a tax-deductible donation to the Youth Financial Aid program right here.



School Year 2020-2021 Application Period:

  • Closed indefinitely


Feel free to email FinancialAid@joyofmotion.org with any questions.



Important Info:

Students are approved for the school year + summer (Sept. – August) and only need to apply once during that time. If you were approved for financial aid in Fall of 2019, then you do not need to reapply until Fall 2020.

* We accept applications by email only. If emailing your application is not possible, please reach out so that we can find a good solution!

Financial Aid FAQs

If I received financial aid for the Fall Session, do I need to re-apply for Winter or Spring?
Should I enroll in a class before or after applying for aid?
If we received aid for last school year or this summer, do we need to re-apply?
What if I did not file tax returns last year or requested an extension?
If I’m approved for financial aid, how do I enroll?
Does financial aid apply for summer classes and camps?
Are there eligibility requirements for financial aid?
My child was accepted into a youth company or Dance Institute program. Can we apply for aid?

Dance Institute “Promise Scholarship”

This merit-based award covers 50% of tuition costs for a youth student in Joy of Motion’s Dance Institute. The purpose of the award is to encourage and applaud participation in conservatory-style training among those who are traditionally under-represented in the art of dance — including boys, non-binary youth, youth of color, and youth with disabilities. The 2017-18 Promise Scholarship is made possible by individual donors.

The recipient will be selected annually through the Dance Institute audition process.

Do you have questions or need assistance regarding financial aid?
Contact us.