What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving from Joy of Motion Dance Center! Find out what we’re thankful for this year and comment on this post by December 2nd with what you’re thankful for. Your comment gives you the chance to win a free adult drop-in class. The winner will be announced in next week’s e-newsletter. Click here to join our mailing list!


Doug Yeuell, Executive/Artistic Director
I am thankful for brand new jazz shoes – snug and tight, waiting for their first steps. I am thankful for fall then winter where everything old and cold becomes new again once spring arrives.

Marybeth Russell, Friendship Heights Studio Manager
I am thankful that I have multiple places in my life to call my “home.”

Heidi Schimpf, Managing Director
I am thankful and feel great JOY each day for the opportunity to work for an amazing organization! I am thankful for the people who support us in our mission through taking a dance class, making a donation, volunteering as workstudy, and for the tireless and amazing faculty and staff that work so hard to bring dance to the DMV on a daily basis.

Topaz McFarlane, Bethesda Assistant Studio Manager
I am thankful for having a job, and waking up every morning!

Christy Bartholomew, Atlas Studio Manager
I am thankful for mobility. As we constantly grow in this ever-changing society, it is a gift often overlooked. Being able to navigate around from places to people to things. It’s a tiny treasure I hold dear inside. There are individuals that do not have that luxury, so all I can do is be ever grateful!

Julia Harman Cain, Director of Development
I am thankul for guacamole and its wondrous ability to improve most any meal. I am also thankful for long-distance running – for being exhausting and relaxing.

Helen Hayes, Youth Dance Ensemble Program Director
We live in a time where the opportunity to work is precious. Many work at jobs they hate because they have to put a roof over their head or groceries on the table. Others work at jobs they hate because they are so ‘married’ to material things and the almighty dollar. One of my life’s greatest blessings is that I get to work at a job that I am still in love with each and every day after more than 20 years. Every day is an opportunity for me to touch someone and/or make a difference in other’s lives. Can you imagine anything better than that to be grateful for?

Marlena Debreaux, Friendship Heights Assistant Studio Manager
I am thankful for a sense of humor and the ability to find dance in everything.

Emily Rorty, Bethesda Studio Manager
I am thankful for my fantastic Assistant Studio Manager Topaz McFarlane who is hardworking, funny, incredibly caring, and awesome at giving hugs which makes the work day as much fun as a dance class here at JOMDC.