Tease Class with the Bachelorette Party

Alyssa crump
Alyssa Crump, Marketing Intern


A few weeks ago one of my best friends had her bachelorette party in DC. With several dancers in the bridal party, including the bride-to-be, we thought it would be fun to take a dance class of some sort together. After looking at the typical bachelorette class ideas, without much luck, I suggested to the group that we take Derek Brown’s Tease class at JOMDC Atlas. The class was just what we were looking for: sexy, challenging, and fun.

tease bachelorette
Pre-class in our heels

In the class description, Tease is described as a “sexy, sultry class that is sure to get your blood pumping!” Before arriving we were told that many students take Derek’s Tease class in heels. So, unsure of what was in store, we packed our heels and made our way to H street. Sure enough, when we arrived the classroom filled with students in their special stilettos selected just for Tease class. But, to our surprise, when Derek entered the room he instructed us all to take off our shoes, as he had something a little different planned for us that day!

Derek immediately acknowledged the bachelorette, who was wearing a “bride-to-be” sash, congratulating her and thanking her for choosing to take his class to celebrate. He also made note of another student’s birthday, showing that the relationship between him and his students was more like that of old friends. It meant a lot for him to take the time to meet us too.

After a quick warm-up, we jumped right into choreography- a hip hop combination with African, jazz, and latin influences. It was quick paced and oh, so fun. Derek would start teaching the movement with the basic, broken-down steps, then add in the details and crank up the speed! The combination was full of quick footwork, isolations, and direction changes that would make anyone dizzy. But, Derek continuously reviewed the steps with the class while challenging us to move past our comfort zones. His constant refrain of “You good? I know I’m good, but are you good?”, let us know that questions were welcomed and that he wanted us to do and feel our best.

By the end of class, all of us in the bachelorette group were sweaty, confident, and happy. The two non-dancers in the group were overwhelmed by how much fun they had while the experienced dancers were grateful for the challenges that were given and the chance to move. Afterwards, we thanked Derek and took some celebratory photos together. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun bachelorette party activity, or even just as a weekly class to hang out with your girls.

Tease bachelorette w: derek
Post class with Derek Brown