Joy of Motion Dance Center Partners With Think Africa & Heritage Homes Orphanage's Holiday Drive

Join Think Africa and Joy of Motion Dance Center to brighten the holidays for children in Heritage Homes orphanage in Lekki, Legos, Nigeria! Joy of Motion studios will serve as drop-off sites for Think Africa’s annual toy and essentials drive December 6th-12th. Think Africa is a local non-profit who will travel to Africa in December to personally deliver school clothes, supplies and toys to the Heritage Homes orphanage.  

We are accepting the following items for children ages 0-14:

  • Backpacks and lunch bags
  • boys’ vests and underwear
  • socks (white preferred) and school shoes (sizes 6-10)
  • activity books/puzzles and toys

By participating in this drive, you will be supporting a cause that is important one of our most valuable workstudy volunteers. Janaire Hawkins and has been an Atlas workstudy for almost three years and is a vital member of our team.

If you have any questions about the items that we will be accepting for this drive, please contact the Atlas studio directly by emailing or calling 202.399.6763.

Joy of Motion staff, faculty, workstudy, students and families, please make a contribution this holiday season. Let’s get the entire Joy of Motion family involved in this meaningful endeavor!

Holiday Toy Drive at Joy of Motion

image1-1Joy of Motion is partnering with Think Africa and Heritage Homes Orphanage in this drive. Think Africa is a non-profit focused on fostering connectivity between Africa and professionals in the Diaspora via shared content, professional networking events, and our various curated trips to Africa. Heritage Homes Orphanage was founded in November 2006 to serve as a transit home for orphaned and abandoned children. They are a NGO set up to save orphaned and abandoned children. They currently have 2 locations in Nigeria but Think Africa will be visiting one on Christmas Eve.

Participating in this drive will