Outreach: Seniors in Motion Teacher Tyrone Murray

Joy of Motion Dance Center’s Seniors in Motion program shares the joys of dance and movement with the region’s aging population. By providing regular and meaningful dance education, interactive performances, and performing opportunities to hundreds of seniors, Seniors in Motion not only promotes physical and mental vitality, but also creates a community by connecting peers through dance.

Students of Tyrone Murray rehearse for the upcoming Seniors in Motion Concert at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.
Students of Tyrone Murray rehearse for the upcoming Seniors in Motion Concert at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.

Tyrone Murray, who teaches AfroJazz classes at JOMDC’s Friendship Heights studio location, is also one of the program’s dance instructors. According to Tyrone, the seniors are not the only people who learn from the program. He also has gained a lot from his work with the community. “For me personally, working with seniors gave me a sense of humility. Most artists have egos, but the older folks have kept me in line,” he said.

More importantly, the seniors he has worked with have seen a number of benefits from their dance classes with Tyrone. These benefits include improvements in flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance. “One student had a stroke a couple of years back. When she doesn’t take class, she has more pain. Taking class alleviates the pain somewhat. It makes her feel better mentally, physically and spiritually,” he said. “Dance brings happiness to the seniors’ lives. They come to the center and learn how to socialize once again. Half of them, their partners are very ill or the partners have passed. When they come to the center, they get to fill that void at least for a few hours a day.”

Several students from Tyrone Murray’s Seniors in Motion classes will be performing at JOMDC’s upcoming Seniors in Motion Concert on Tuesday, April 30. The concert begins at 11:00 a.m. at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. The event is free and open to the public, but reservations are recommended. Please call 202.399.6764 X163 or e-mail outreach@joyofmotion.org to reserve your seat. Seating will be on a first come, first served basis.

Donate today, bid on an online auction item through Wednesday, April 24 or join us Saturday, April 27 for our Annual Dance Party Gala to support Seniors in Motion and our additional Project Motion Community Outreach Programs. Together, we can make a difference through dance!