During the school year, Joy of Motion provides dance education services to schools throughout the D.C. region, often at no cost to the schools. These activities can include one or more of the following:

  • Dance instruction: after-school dance classes, including jazz, hip-hop, modern, and flamenco, tailored to the needs and levels of the partner school and its students
  • Dance integration: arts-and-academics programs, crafted in partnership with classroom teachers to reinforce grade-level curriculum (core content areas: English, math, science, social studies) and line up with the National Core Arts Standards
  • Dance residency: guest artists, paired with a school or student group, who fill an artistic need, including new work for a school assembly or event (such as Black History Month)
  • Dance concerts: “Modern Dance Retrospective” in Fall 2016 and “De/Rail: the Underground Truth” (original exploration of the Underground Railroad’s legacy)