Meet The Staff: Christy Bartholomew

Meet Christy BartholomewName: Christy Bartholomew

Title: Studio Manager, JOMDC Atlas

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

What do you do for JOMDC: I oversee and manage JOMDC Atlas’ daily operations. I lead by example, encourage staff and faculty, ensure that all students/guests/clients enjoy and share their dance experience as well as fully utilize our products and services.

Best part about your job: Connecting with other professional artists and sharing our experiences in the arts.

What do you like to do when you’re not working: Since I’m ALWAYS on my feet, I love relaxing with my cats and loved ones enjoying a movie, enhancing my culinary skills and reading.

Fun facts about yourself: I’m very young at heart, I find joy in helping others, I’m very athletic, I’m a trained vocalist!

Favorite dance movies: Chicago, Center Stage, Krumping, Stomp the Yard, Saturday Night Fever, You Got Served, Magic Mike, Showgirls…. I really can go on!

Something I can’t live without: Music

What interested you in working at JOMDC: The sense of community, the diverse range of students and instructors and the location!

Which classes do you like taking at JOMDC: I try to experience all we have to offer, but my favorites are Contemporary African with Taurus Broadhurst, Pop and Tease with Derek Brown, Jazz with Vincent Williams and Horton with Elana Anderson.