Meet Kat & Kevin: JOMDC's New Social Dance Teachers

Kat-Kinnunen-copy NOW INTRODUCING NEW FACULTY MEMBER: KAT Kinnunen & a BRAND NEW CLASS: Wedding Boot Camp!

Social dancer and instructor, Kat Kinnunen, will be teaching Intro to Social Ballroom and Intro to Salsa enrollment classes in January! Engaged? Kat’s NEW Wedding Boot Camp enrollment class will give you both the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of leading/following and how to move around the floor as a couple. Kat has been teaching full time for more than 5 years and has won 1st placements in all of her ballroom competitions!

Kat’s 6 week classes are designed to introduce new dancers to movement basics. Kat’s line up of social dance classes meet on Wednesdays @ Atlas Intro to Social Ballroom at 6:30pm, Intro to Salsa at 7:30pm and Wedding Bootcamp at 8:30pm.

Why is it called Wedding “Boot Camp”?
In this context, the term “boot camp” means a crash course in social dancing that will introduce you to partner dancing, help you navigate around a crowded floor, and show you basic steps. Plus, you don’t have to be engaged to enroll. This class is for couples who get invited to a lot of weddings or just want to learn to dance together.

Don’t have a partner?
You don’t need one! All of Kat’s classes are open to singles too! The goal is for students to get comfortable exploring movement in a social setting. The beginner level classes will cover basic social dance steps as well as musicality for 6 weeks.

If you’re nervous about taking a social dance class, don’t be. This class is designed to help with coordination and social skills. You’ll just have to make it through the door. Once you’re there you can relax. Kat’s goal is for you to learn the basics of partner dancing in a fun and supportive atmosphere. She only asks that you TRY!

Want to know an interesting fact about Kat? She has a 10 year old Chinchilla named Chilli!

Kevin JOMDC Family, Meet Kevin Tisdale, Your New Hand Dancing Instructor!

Kevin Tisdale hails from Washington, DC. Dance is not just a business for Kevin, it is a passion that he feels privileged to share with others. After dancing for over 8 years and instructing for the past 5, he obtained his certification as an instructor from the Smooth & EZ Hand Dance Institute of Washington D.C.

Kevin has taught hundreds of students. He will be joining the JOMDC family in January, teaching Intro to Hand Dancing, a 6 week enrollment class which will teach you the basics of Contemporary Hand Dancing. If you’ve been out in DC you’ve seen a couple DC hand dancers, as it’s the official dance of the district! If you don’t have a partner in mind, don’t worry! Kevin’s class works on a rotation scheme, so everyone will always have someone to dance with.

What exactly is DC Hand Dancing?
It is one of the many forms of Swing Dance in our region that can be traced to the ‘Lindy Hop’ of the 1920’s. Historically, its DC’s version of the West Coast Swing, the East Coast Swing, Chicago Steppin, the Philly Bop, or the Carolina Shag. Couples will learn how to execute a series of dance steps, turns, and other cool moves to R&B Music and Old School Motown!

If you’re nervous about taking a new style of dance, don’t be. Kevin told us that the first time he took a Hand Dancing class he thought about quitting because he didn’t feel like he was getting it. But he kept going back and now it’s his passion! In the past few years he’s won 6 first place and 3 second place titles at Hand Dance competitions. Today, Kevin Tisdale is considered a Master Lead Instructor!