NEW Jazz Class: SASS

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JOMDC is proud to introduce our newest jazz class, SASS, starting April 2, as part of the adult technique and training drop-in program. SASS is an advanced beginning* jazz class that combines the best of cabaret, burlesque, and contemporary jazz. You’ll condition, tone, and find your inner diva! SASS meets on Thursdays from 7:30 PM to  8:30 PM at JOMDC Friendship Heights (FH). The instructor, Dani Quirion, also “daylights” as our Bethesda Studio Manager. Dani Q has a colorful resume including teaching, performing, and choreographing for Sax Lounge DC. We sat down with Dani Q to learn more about her teaching philosophy and what we can expect to learn in SASS class.

Who is Dani Q?

I’m Dani Q!  I’ve danced professionally for the past five years in the DMV.  My latest work was showcased at Sax Lounge, where I directed and choreographed various burlesque-style works.  I continue to train in pole dancing, study modern techniques, and work at JOMDC Bethesda full time as the Studio Manager.  I dance because I must!

What motivates your choreography choices?

I have a diverse background in dance, from ballet to acrobatics to hip hop! I love using multiple styles of dance in my choreography.  I choreograph in order to be creative and connect my body to music and to an audience.  My choreography is inspired first by the music, and then I start layering in the character, attitude, and theme.

What is SASS?

It’s an attitude, and not just in this class. It’s an attitude you can express in many styles of dance.  Don’t worry about the choreography (at first) in this class, find your SASS first, and the choreography can come second.

What can you expect in SASS class?

You can expect to sweat and have fun!  SASS class is like a sexy jazz class with no rules. We will warm up and condition our bodies, as in a technique class…but more loose and sexy.  Each week will feature choreography combinations that are playful, diverse, and intricate. You’ll refine your performance skills in here, too.

What should we wear to class?

Wear anything you want to class!  Sweats, leggings, a simple t-shirt; whatever you feel comfortable wearing will be perfect. Heels or character shoes are optional. Bring them if you like. If we are doing a combo that is great with heels I will suggest putting them on if you have them!  But all of what we do can be great fun (and safe) if you’re barefoot. I recommend a sturdy heel with something across the ankle i.e. strap or boot.  I like to where my 3 inch character shoes!

Any last words?

If you are new to classes with us, don’t worry! If you come ready to sweat and are up for a challenge, you will have a great time. I can’t wait to shake it and be sassy in the studio with you!

Sign up now for the first SASS class at JOMDC on April 2, and every Thursday!

* Dancers with at least six months of recent dance class experience.

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