Happy Valentine's Day from JOMDC!

We love our students! During the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, our studio staff members gave away adult drop-in classes to students they love. Here’s our list of winners and why they were chosen. To see more pictures from our Valentine’s Day giveaway, Like our Facebook page.

Bethesda Studio Manager Maya Jackson spreads some love!

Roz Korb, chosen by Bethesda Studio Manager Maya Jackson: “Roz Korb is a rockstar, a dedicated dancer, and such a genuinely nice lady. She has always been a gracious and patient customer and a really kind presence around the studio. A Helen Hayes class isn’t quite complete without the wonderful Roz Korb!”

Amanda Antosh, chosen by Bethesda Assistant Studio Manager Topaz McFarlane: “Amanda’s first experience finding Joy of Motion Dance Center Bethesda’s studio was a cold and long journey, that did not end as expected. It was just one of those days, but Amanda did not let that stop her. Now she regularly attends Maurice’s Street Jazz class on Sundays. Amanda is an amazing individual and I am so happy that she chose to dance with JOMDC!”‘

Atlas Studio Manager Emily Rorty shows off her Valentine.

Joanne Maldonado, chosen by Atlas Studio Assistant Darlisa Wajid-Ali: “Joanne Maldonado always enters the studio with an upbeat and affectionate personality. She is quick to laugh and always has a smile on her face for the front desk. She is so passionate about dance class, showing up every week to release the tensions of her life through the joy she finds in dance. I have had the pleasure of taking class with her as well, and she is a positive and encouraging presence in the studio. I am always happy to see her and speak with her every time she visits us at Joy of Motion Dance Center Atlas.”

Gail Robinson, chosen by Atlas Studio Manager Emily Rorty: “Gail is awesome, she is kindhearted and brings such a calming presence to the studio. Don’t let her petite frame fool you, each and every week she continually impresses Elana, Maverick, and myself with her strong technique, dedication, and hard work.”

Friendship Heights Studio Manager Marybeth Russell loves working at JOMDC!

Milind Raje, chosen by Friendship Heights Assistant Studio Manager Christy Bartholomew: “Milind Raje! Congratulations!! I choose you to receive this heart and the honor of receiving a free drop-in class of your choice based on your energy, positive attitude and love for the arts! I have taken Derek Brown’s Hip Hop class with Milind and he consistently exudes great strength of learning and participating in the choreography, FULL OUT each and every time! He is a student who is a quiet soul and a joy to take class with. He deserves this honor for his dedication to Hip Hop. You rock, Milind!”

Jessica McGuire, chosen by Friendship Heights Studio Manager Marybeth Russell: “Jessica McGuire is a joy to be around in class and a joy to watch on stage. She is kind and fun to be around and brings a smile with her when she enters the studio. She has taken many of Joy of Motion Dance Center’s Studio to Stage classes. Her energy is contagious. She is always having a blast and it makes me want to get out on the stage too!”

Toni Battle, chosen by Bethesda Studio Manager Maya Jackson: “She’s my mom and I love her. She’s always my Valentine!!”