Get Fit with Kelly: Summer Is Here!

kellygetfitWe made it to summer, happy June! I’m getting ready for JOMDC’s Annual Youth Spring Recital (20+ performing classes) and I’m also three weeks away from my bodybuilding competition! I’m excited and nervous about everything.  This is the time of year when parties, graduations, get-togethers, and temptations are everywhere. If you’re on a mission like me (June wedding, beach holiday, and fitness competition) you might find it impossible to eat out socially. What I’m doing to stay on track is pretty simple: I plan and prepare my own food every week and head straight for the veggie tray at parties. Period. Don’t derail your progress with a few too many desserts. You can have a good time and feel good about yourself afterwards, it just takes a little thought and planning. Know your weaknesses: Is it the desserts?  The drinks?  The chips and side dishes? Decide ahead of time how much you are going to indulge and stick with it. You can make it a game with loose calorie analogies like one cupcake equals one ballet class. Another idea for picnics or summer parties: bring a healthy dish that you know you enjoy.  That way you’re guaranteed to have an option you’ll feel good about choosing. Using the good old buddy system always works as well, too. Find a friend with similar goals who will keep you away from the chips and encourage you to attend weekly jazz classes! Even after my competition is over, I plan to use all these tips myself to stay on track.

Most importantly, enjoy these warm months and embrace the sweat. Up the ante to compensate for BBQ block parties. Jog to the dance studio and add an outdoor activity to your week. You are really living when you focus on your nutrition and fitness. Since we only get one body, fueling it and strengthen it is pretty important. Make choices that will make you feel energized and good about yourself. Did I mention keeping up your workouts? I think I did! Good luck!