Get Fit with Kelly: Happy Spring!

kellygetfitAs the weather warms and the sun stays out later, it can be easy to skip class in favor of shopping and socializing outside.  I’m here to remind you not to lose focus now!  You’ve made a plan and set goals for yourself. Use the great weather to stay on track.  Walk to the studio, walk to the grocery store, use any excuse to get outside.  As I mentioned last month, I have begun prep for my next competition, the NPC MD State/East Coast Classic on June 20.  The only way to stay on track with my busy schedule is to write out a plan.  Every week I prep my meals in advance and make myself a schedule to be sure I get in all my workouts.  How do you eat for a figure competition?  By eating 5 – 7 small meals throughout the day.  Yes this is hard for those with more than one job, kids, and, gym commitments.  This is why it’s crucial to buy tupperware and plan ahead.  If you’re not trying to compete, but just want to feel and look healthy, bulk cooking and meal planning is one of the best tools to maintain your goals.  I realize that competing in a bodybuilding competition is pretty extreme and not for everyone.  This is my personal spring goal because it’s something I enjoy and I’m at a place in my life where I have time for this type of challenge!



What are YOUR goals right now?  Are you going to one class a week?  Should you bump it up to two classes in order to realize your fitness goal?  Or perhaps you want to try out a six week Intro Series in a new style of dance?  Are you interested in performing?  If so, think about committing to a Studio to Stage Performance Class series and work towards the ultimate goal of showcasing your work on stage! No matter what your goals are, the key to success is writing out a plan!  Make it part of your schedule and prioritize it.  Don’t let it be optional.  


adult_fitness3_JOMDC_DNI’m not shy about telling people my goals, either. Sharing with others helps me stay accountable. I’ve also found invaluable support from friends and family, too. One of the many benefits to joining a dance class is the connection to a community. Sharing a class with people with similar goals and common interests is awesome: they are your support system! Open up to them. Maybe they will have a great class recommendation for you or a killer vegan recipe! Share your fitness goals or frustrations in the comment box below. What is the obstacle that prevents you from training, dancing, running, or doing yoga? Did you try writing it all down, preparing menus and meals, and calendar tracking? Let me know what’s working and if you need more specific advice.

Good luck!