Derek Brown Gets a New Gig (no, he’s not leaving JOMDC)


JOMDC faculty member Derek Brown starts a new chapter as the Artistic Director of SAX Lounge! SAX is the place you go for bottle service, aerial dancing, burlesque or Sunday brunch. We are pumped for Derek and this opportunity to share his talent with the community.

Due to his new gig, his popular Thursday-night Tease class is moving to Saturdays at 1:30pm at JOMDC Atlas. His last Thursday-night Tease class is THIS WEEK, December 11, 2014, 8pm. Saturday Tease classes will begin on December 20, 2014. We sat down with Derek to ask him about his new position and what’s inspiring him the most these days.

What are you looking forward to most in the new position?
It’s gonna push me creatively. It’s different when you work for artists; when you have to do what they want, but are still trying to add your own creative piece to it. But now, as the Artistic Director at Sax, I am able to have total creative freedom, which is more than any choreographer could ask for.

How has your time with JOMDC prepared you for the new gig?
I make it a point never to repeat choreography in my classes, so everyone’s experience is fresh and new every time. This pushes me to think outside the box creatively. So in that, I’ve had to train myself to think quickly, which helps out with such a wide variety of entertainment that is in the Sax show.

Are you looking for new dancers? When can we audition?
At this point, there is no audition process. The best way for me to find great dancers is in class, when I can see what the dancer is really made of.

Where can we find out about SAX shows?
Visit the website:

Are Tease classes going to be just as fun on Saturday afternoons as they were on Thursday nights?
Of course! Saturdays are going to be BETTER in a way because you can make Tease part of your weekend workout. Instead of going to the gym – DANCE!

Anything else you want to say?
I’m really excited to see all of the new possibilities for entertainers in the DMV area. One day, no one will want to move away to get gigs; they will want to come here. That’s my hope.