Can your tone your body at 61 years old?

How does a senior citizen teach fitness classes? By accident…and with a lifelong love of fitness and people. We sat down with new faculty member, Marianne Becton—who teaches in the drop-in program with her custom class, Body Tone—to find out how she came to teaching fitness in her 60s.

Who is Marianne Becton?

I took my first dance class at the San Francisco YWCA in the 1970s. I had just moved out west, my MBA in-hand, for my first full-time permanent job. The 8-week jazz class was a great way for me to get more involved and find my community. I knew no one out west. I got hooked immediately and took more ballet and jazz classes over the next three years. I never quite got the ballet technique down, but I loved it nonetheless. Then I started working out at a local gym again, to get out and meet more people. After the instructor missed a few classes I offered to teach and was hired! So there I was, a wanna-be dancer, teaching fitness classes. The rest is history. I went on to train as a group fitness instructor, got my national certification and have been teaching for over 30 years. Along the way, I trained and certified as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. This is where things got interesting.  Once I left my corporate life, the desire to dance and get more fit grew. I finally got the nerve to come to Joy of Motion Dance Center. It is really hard to be at the top of your game in one situation and at the bottom in another. But once again, that desire to dance was ignited and I humbly kept coming to JOMDC. Dance training has indeed made me stronger physically and mentally, and helped me to be a better instructor and personal trainer. I am a 61+-year-old “wanna-be dancer.” Amazingly, I have come full circle and my journey has been such an educational one.

What is Body Tone?

My Body Tone class is designed to work your entire body; it is a high-intensity, low impact workout. You will learn how the body and muscles function, and what you can do to improve your muscle mass and reduce body fat. You will get stronger, improve core strength, and gain flexibility, coordination, and balance, all with the use of minimal weight and props. The class is designed for all fitness levels, with modifications to meet your needs. Classes are held Mondays and Wednesdays, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the JOMDC Friendship Heights location. This is a great lunchtime option for busy working folks. Come see me and let me help you reach your fitness goals.