3 Benefits to Summer Intensive Dance Training (for youth & adults)

1. You will make new friends.  We see dramatic individual and group growth during a solid week of training. How else do you get to know people? To know yourself, even? Our diverse, busy lives, don’t always allow for new, meaningful friendships to grow. Expanding your (dance) support system is always a good thing. Plus, you’ll be more accountable to dance class once camp is over. Everyone asks about you.

2. Youth dancers participating in a Performance Dance Camp will dramatically improve their “pick up” skills. This means a dancer can watch a demonstration of choreography only 2 or 3 times before memorization. How? They train hard and quickly! Dancers will learn 3 – 6 short dances during the duration of the camp, which culminates in a concert at The Jack Guidone Theater.  It’s an awesome challenge during the lazy days of summer. Great “pick up” is an invaluable skill for those who plan to audition for dance companies or school admission. You don’t have a lot of time to learn at an audition. You need confidence, “pick – up” skills, and strong technique to push you to the front of the chorus line.

Adult dancers will get the chance to train intensely for a week during the summer 45 Degree Project or Summer Stock adult performance dance camps. A summer intensive is maybe the only time in the year you can focus on yourself as a mover. Give yourself the gift of concentrated study. It’ll lurch your technique forward and we almost guarantee a few “a-ha” moments. It’s a great push for the busy adult who can only get to modern class once a week during the season.

3. If you don’t use it, you lose. It’s pretty simple. Take the summer to switch it up. Fall in love with a new teacher or a new style. Visit another JOMDC studio location, check out the differences, the neighborhood, the community, and the classes.


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Author – RP