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NEW Executive Director Laura Sawyer is practically speechless…

Dear Joy of Motion Dance Center family, I cannot describe what an honor it is to have been chosen to serve as the new Executive Director of Joy of Motion Dance Center. This is a vibrant, creative, thriving organization filled with incredible people (staff, students, faculty, parents, the Board…) who are passionate about the idea […]

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Father / Daughter Dance: what happens when you bring your dad to social dance class

My dad was my first dance teacher. I don’t remember this, but he says the year the Thriller album came out we danced in the kitchen to it regularly (it must have been more of a hold-baby-Rachel-while-daddy-tries-to-moonwalk kind of thing.) As I got older and began to train in dance, he started teaching me a […]

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3 Benefits to Summer Intensive Dance Training (for youth & adults)

1. You will make new friends.  We see dramatic individual and group growth during a solid week of training. How else do you get to know people? To know yourself, even? Our diverse, busy lives, don’t always allow for new, meaningful friendships to grow. Expanding your (dance) support system is always a good thing. Plus, you’ll be more accountable […]

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