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Dancer Conditioning: Inspiration For The Tired Dancer

by Marketing Intern Rachael Appold I think it goes without saying that dancers are some of the strongest people in the world. We tend to be perfectionists, drilling technique and performance quality into our bodies and brains, then hitting the gym afterward. I like to think of myself as a dance perfectionist, too, but with […]

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Celebrating Women And Girls In Dance

by Marketing Intern Rachael Appold In honor of International Day of the Girl earlier this week, JOMDC wanted to delve into the history of women and girls in dance. The first International Day of the Girl was on October 11, 2012, and was established by Because I Am a Girl, a campaign by Plan International […]

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Tips For Nailing A Ballet Class

by Marketing Intern Rachael Appold Real talk: ballet class can be very intimidating! We’ve all see videos of Misty Copeland on our Facebook feeds, nailing 32 fouettes like it’s a walk in the park. Don’t let the seemingly effortless long lines and flawless technique of professional ballerinas fool you, though; ballet is a tough mental […]

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