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Step Ahead 2014: Week 3

by Jalia Inman The Step Ahead program has already finished its third week. Our students have had the opportunity to experience dance on a whole new level! They have been immersed in various styles of dance, ranging from West African to Ballet to Step. The Step Ahead students even had the pleasure of seeing the […]

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Step Ahead 2014: Week 2

Week 2 of Step Ahead went great! Step Ahead participants began to learn choreography in there different classes. Students who were interested in drumming for the West African piece began to take class with Baba Mahiri and started on the rhythm Ngoron for the show. On Friday, the youth participated in workshops such as money […]

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Step Ahead 2014: Madison’s Experience

My Experiences with Step Ahead by Madison Chambers I’ve never been so open in all my life. I currently study acting at Duke Ellington School of the Arts. When my theatre history teacher gave a friend of mine a note about how dance involves vulnerability and being comfortable in your body and how they should […]

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