Young Dancer Spotlight: Sarah Ruiz


Sarah Ruiz is a member of HYPE: The Company and has been part of JOMDC’s youth dance program for four years. She started performing with Groove Elements four years ago and, this past summer, was chosen to participate in the Step Ahead program at JOMDC Atlas, which is part of the DC Summer Youth Employment program. Her mom, Senovia, is a workstudy at the Bethesda studio!

35_31.SarahRuiz This year, Sarah entered the DC Capital Stars Competition (and is a semi-finalist), which requires that people cast their votes. She is competing for a 10K scholarship and the amazing opportunity to perform at the Kennedy Center. Click here to see Sarah’s dance and read her essay: then, click on “VOTE NOW”. It takes 1 minute to register. Voting ends Jan 9th!

“JOMDC has really played a significant role in my life,” Sarah says. “Dancing has really allowed me to express myself.” Sarah is now 15 years old and in the 10th grade. She expects that this scholarship will help her with initial college funds and that this competition will help catapult her into life as a professional a dancer. “No one should ever stop pursuing their dreams because life is full of obstacles.”

Sarah wants to thank Alana Hill, Nikki Gambhir, Vikki Weinberger, Malaika Scott, Vincent Williams, Adriane Whalen, Tammy Hurt, Christina Huertas, Tanya Nuchols, and the 2014 Step Ahead teachers for inspiring her to be the best dancer she can be.