World Dance Vlog Series: Bellydance with Miasia

By Jam Black

I had the pleasure of joining Miasia and her students in their final class before their Studio to Stage performance this Saturday! My first thought,  “Whoa – I’m under dressed.” The ladies walked in ready for the stage – beautiful figure-hugging skirts and bright sensual colors. A belly-dancing costume isn’t complete without those metallic hip shakers and a beautiful veil! 












One thing that I noticed immediately was the sense of community. Miasia and the students seemed like old friends. Their synergy was magnetic! Whether running through their routine or just discussing how to wear their makeup the day of the performance, I felt as though they had known each other for years – not for just 11 weeks of a Studio to Stage Performance class series.

As they ran through the performance, their confidence was electrifying! Their flirtatious, fluid movements interwoven with percussive hip vibrations to the middle-eastern inspired music was nothing short of captivating. Their movements were sensual and you could tell they were ready to own every minute of stage-time on Saturday. Miasia cheered with encouragement, “Remember who’s in the audience watching you,” pointing to the water bottle in the corner she had designated as Idris Elba. It worked! Despite the intense (and tiring) movements, they gave more. You could tell they embraced themselves and loved what they were doing. When I asked why the students made time for belly-dancing in the midst of their hectic week one replied, “Miasia makes me feel free to be me.” 














Registration for the June 28 – July 26th “Intro to Belly Dancing” – Tuesdays, 7:30 – 8:30p (Atlas) is open now!  When I asked Miasia what students can expect from her class, she stated,  “My students will feel more comfortable in their bodies, expand their movement vocabularies and enhance their connection to the music.”

After witnessing it for myself – I couldn’t agree more!

Don’t miss the “Veil Dance Performance Class” hit the stage, amongst many others, TOMORROW!

Saturday, June 25th, 2016, 8:30pm at Jack Guidone Theater. Grab your ticket and I’ll see you there!