Why Camp? Why at Joy of Motion?


We asked some of our past camp families these same questions! Here’s what they said:

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“My niece had a wonderful time at your dance camp and was very sad for her camp experience to come to an end. I was very impressed with the staff and instructors. Everyone was intentional and kind. Lastly, the level of skill my niece was able to achieve after only nine days was astonishing and a true telling of the great talent you have among your instructors.”

— Yolanda Y., Performance Dance Camp guardian

My daughter has been interested in dance practically her whole life […] I preferred Joy of Motion’s offerings more than other camps I had seen because there were options for kids like mine, with no prior formal training. As well, there was an option that would allow my daughter to explore several dance styles. So off to Performance Dance Camp we went — three two-week sessions of it.

My daughter loved everything about the camp. She made new friends, got to perform before live audiences, and found herself more knowledgeable about technique than a friend who had been taking classes elsewhere for years. I was impressed with how much she learned at each session, not just about technique, but about the history of the various dance styles. I was also pleased to see how physically strong she became by attending these camp sessions.

The Joy of Motion camp was a rewarding summer experience for both of us. My daughter and I are looking forward to her attending the camp again this year!

— Stacy S., Performance Dance Camp (Grades 3-5) parent

I chose Performance Dance Camp (PDC) because I wanted to do a dance camp with more than one style and PDC has five! With five different styles I was be able to explore new styles of dance and improve in ones I already felt comfortable with. My favorite part of camp was the performance at the end and the support from teachers and other campers. Everyone is a beginner in some styles and more experienced in others so everyone was very nice and there was no pressure. We all have different skills and were able to work together to create a really cool dance that was fun to perform.

I would recommend PDC to anyone who loves dance, wants to have fun, is motivated to dance all day and wants to explore new styles. I dance during the school year and the summer so I don’t loose my skills. Doing five types of dance in the summer can help me decide which classes I am most interested in taking throughout the year.

— Mollie, age 14

My top reason for choosing Performance Dance Camp (PDC) was the wonderful experience my daughter had with the Joy of Motion team during the school year. The instructors nurtured my daughter’s love for dance while balancing the right balance of structure and artistic instruction. I also was confident that should would be in a safe, nurturing environment.

Dancing in the summer strengthened her performance in her regular dance classes. It improved her confidence, ability to follow the instruction, and retain the choreography. Of all our camp experiences, PDC was the best. My daughter was excited to go each day. The intensity was perfect for a high-energy child [and] the down time was just enough for making friends and socializing without it being chaotic. She ended the summer confident in her dancing and herself.

— Katrice P., Performance Dance Camp (Grades 3-5) parent

Performance dance camp was a wonderful summer opportunity to brush up on favorite dance techniques and learn new ones. The performance was the best part. It was exciting to learn five different dance numbers in such a short time period.

[This is] a great place for any dancer who needs more performance experience. Dancing in the summer is a fun activity which keeps the skills up to date.

— Suzanne G., Performance Dance Camp (Grades 9-12) parent

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