What is the difference between an Intro to Dance series and a Drop-in class at the beginning level?

We have over 150 classes for adults throughout the week. The schedule is dynamic and massive.

We often get asked the very good question, “What is the difference between an Intro to Dance class series and a Drop-in class at the beginner level”?

We sat down with faculty member Jocelyn Isaac, to talk about her brand NEW Intro to Contemporary Jazz Enrollment series ($90 for 5 weeks!). Jocelyn received her MFA from the Conservatory of Dance at SUNY Purchase and has toured throughout the US. She is the ideal instructor to start off new dancers and progress veterans (she also teaches a Drop-in Contemporary Jazz class for inter/advanced dancers!)

No. 1 – The Drop-in beginner level classes are not for brand-new-to-dance beginners. Drop-in Technique and Training classes are full-on technique classes you’d find in any professional training program. The class incorporates all the vocabulary associated with the style and might contain some movement patterns a beginner dancer has never seen. Jocelyn says, “My Drop-in classes begin with a comprehensive warm-up, technique exercises, isolations, an across the floor series and ends with a challenging choreography combination. If you take an Intro to Dance series, we not only teach you the terminology and movement patterns you’ll hear and see in most drop-in classes, you’ll also learn class etiquette too (what to wear, when to go across the floor, etc.). In Intro to Contemporary, you’ll learn a full warm-up sequence and widely used across the floor movements. I’ll break these things down, so that each student feels comfortable with the terms and concepts.”

No. 2 – Some dancers in beginner Drop-in classes started with an enrollment series, and when you meet them they’ve taken that beginner drop-in class for six months – and they look great! These dancers begin to build up the level of the class, increasing the pace at times. Once those dancers feel comfortable moving on, they will go to an advanced beginning drop-in class and will continue to matriculate. If you’re new and want to venture into a Drop-in class now, Jocelyn recommends that you, “Try it! Pace yourself and let the teacher know that this is your first class in that style. Since JOMDC believes ‘dance is for everyone’ teachers are used to having multiple skill levels in class. We try to manage the level based on the students present. However, you will find that students like to take a class regimen and the more ‘regulars’ there are in a class, the more advanced it may feel.”

No. 3 – An Intro to Dance class series will teach you the basics from the ground up. Ask all your questions and make new friends. Try to check your fears at the door, we believe dance is for everyone.

adult_fitness2_JOMDC_DN-(1)No. 4 – Dance training takes systematic progression, like learning any new skill. JOMDC programming for adult beginners starts with an Intro to Dance series (or two), then progresses to Drop-in classes. Drop-in levels start at the beginner level and progress to advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate and finally advanced. How long will it take to feel comfortable in Jocelyn’s Inter/Adv. Contemporary Jazz Drop-in class? Jocelyn says, “A good dance class should make you feel both comfortable and uncomfortable. You want to feel great, but you also want to be challenged so that you keep getting better! There is no time frame for being a better dancer. After 20+ years of dancing, I am still improving. If you stick with a class you’ll get better, that’s for sure.”

Ready to get started? On August 2nd, Joy of Motion Dance Center will start Intro to Contemporary Jazz, with Jocelyn Isaac. If you are mesmerized by the dancers and routines on shows like So You Think You Can Dance? than you will want to enroll in this series. If you want to learn how to embody different movement qualities and performance techniques, while building your overall technique, you want to enroll in this series. If you’ve danced other styles and want to build upon your technique, this is a great class for you. Only 5 weeks long, the enrollment class will meet Sundays from 3-4pm at JOMDC Atlas. We think it’s a great way to end your summer!