Step Ahead 2014: Week 2


Week 2 of Step Ahead went great!

Step Ahead participants began to learn choreography in there different classes. Students who were interested in drumming for the West African piece began to take class with Baba Mahiri and started on the rhythm Ngoron for the show.

On Friday, the youth participated in workshops such as money management with Bank On DC, Samba, and the Nutrition Workshop with Healthy by Choice. In the Bank on DC workshop they learned how to set up savings and checking accounts and were given pointers on the best way to save money while working in the summer. Samba class was the favorite for many students. They enjoyed jumping and dancing to a different type of music. The Nutrition Workshop was a great help to many because it made them aware of the sugar and fats that are in many of the everyday drinks and food that they consume on a daily.

Week 2 was challenging for many students but they worked thru it and looked forward to Week 3 activities.