Samba Drum Solo Studio to Stage Class; an interview with instructor Adriane Whalen

Samba Drum Solo

Spring Studio to Stage Performance Class begins on April 13!

Adriane Whalen is a co-director of the Nomad Dancers, a Resident Arts Partner of JOMDC. The Nomads perform traditional dances of Middle Eastern and Central Asian Countries. Adriane dances regularly throughout the community. On top of all that, Adriane teaches adult and youth students at JOMDC every week. We sat down to talk to Adriane about her fun and flirty Samba Drum Solo Performance Class where she is fusing Egyptian and Latin rhythms for an electric performance. Register here!

  1. What can someone expect to learn in one of your enrollment classes?

Each week I teach a belly dance warm-up which is followed by teaching new steps to the group. Then we drill the new steps. During the second half of each class,  I introduce props to students and I continue to do this throughout the session. Props are very important! I begin with introducing the cane and later zills and veils will be incorporated. Then, finally, we put the all the props together!  

  1. What is your advice for new dancers?

My advice is to please come to class each week and simply don’t give up! Secondly, please do not feel frustrated because after all, we were all beginners at one point. Further, I suggest that everyone practice at home. Then, when returning to class the next week you will feel amazing! Satisfaction in class comes when you are able to successfully execute all the steps that you learned the week before. Finally, all of the weeks of classes culminate with you becoming a proud and confident belly dancer!

  1. We like to say you don’t need your passport around here, because you’ll be taken to another world right here at home, in your dance classes! How does the experience of being in a 11-week enrollment session take you out of your body?

My belly dance class focuses on Egyptian Belly Dance and Egyptian music in class. I’m teaching an amazing style of dance that has been performed and practiced for centuries. Spend an hour with us each week and you will be able to free your soul and spirit. You will be transformed into an Egyptian Goddess and be taken into a new world!

  1. What do you want people to know about the work you do? Why do you do it?

Dance is in my soul and I love it with my whole being. I wake up each morning excited to get to the dance studio and so happy to see all of my students. I love watching my youth students grow as dancers and I feel so honored when they get older and move on but stay in contact with me. This is very rewarding. I feel as though I create magic daily and I am constantly motivated to teach new students and take them on their dance journey.

  1. If you could travel anywhere to dance, where would you go?

I want to go to Egypt to experience the country and the people. I would also like to go to Iran someday. My other dream is to go to Paris and see Degas’ original work, because I grew up as a ballerina!

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Watch Adriane perform in NYC below!