Re-Opening Committees

The 2020 Re-Opening Committee work has concluded. Committees included:

  • HUMAN RESOURCES: Help develop employment, on-boarding, and off-boarding processes, create policies, standardize job descriptions and pay rates, and ensure compliance with applicable laws.
  • OPERATIONS: Assess student enrollment software, clean the backend of the organization’s Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for emergency response and studio management, create strategic plans for revenue generation despite limited studio capacity.
  • MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: Re-evaluate class descriptions, website language, and imagery to position Joy of Motion to be more inclusive. Help develop brand messaging, positioning, personas, etc. Work together to develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for new institutional assets as well as ascertaining institutional needs and budgetary priorities.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Inform strategies for successful individual donor relations, assist with the strategic positioning of current contributed resources, ensure that policies are in place protecting the ethical stewardship of the public trust, and contribute to prospecting opportunities to underwrite new programmatic initiatives.
  • PROGRAMMING & OUTREACH: Assess studio offerings and develop a schedule that gives equal weight to all dance forms with a particular focus on non-Western dance, analyze potential partnerships and develop a strategy to engage and offer services outside of the studio.
  • BOARD RELATIONS: Develop board job descriptions, assess where to share these descriptions, reach into personal networks to make recommendations and nominations. Committee also develops ways to make meetings more accessible and transparent and the board members more diverse.
  • FINANCIAL WORKING GROUP: Assess a detailed budget and create a plan for a sustainable financial future.