Press Release – Announcing the premiere of “Mixed Movement”


Date: October 20, 2017

Announcing the premiere of “Mixed Movement”

Coming to Dance Place on Wed., Nov. 1st


Washington, DC: Joy of Motion Dance Center announces “Mixed Movement,” an evening of short, collaborative works that illuminate the “life cycle” of artistic creation, at Dance Place (3225 8th Street NE, Washington, DC) on Wed., November 1, 2017 at 8:00 PM.

Hosted by Helen Hayes, Director of the Dance Institute at Joy of Motion, “Mixed Movement” will encompass three distinct pieces, each exploring one aspect of the creative process. First,David Schulman will delve into spontaneity and improvisation; responding to audience prompts, Schulman will improvise 2-3 movements on a looped Zeta electric violin, creating a new score for two dancers before the audiences’ eyes.

The evening will then explore works in progress through “The Legacy Project: Our Lives of Consumption,” a new piece from UpRooted Dance. Choreographed by Artistic Director Keira Hart-Mendoza, “The Legacy Project” considers recycling, consumption, and sustainability as dancers interact with found objects. Following an initial demonstration, the dancers will make adjustments and additions based on audience questions.

The evening will conclude with the remount of an established work from Motion X Dance (Stephanie Dorrycott, Artistic Director). Choreographed by Halle Schulman,“Resist.Assist.Persist.” is a vigorous trio set to spoken word by Iwan Bedford. Throughout all three pieces, a visual artist will create work that directly responds to the music andmovement onstage, capturing the artistic lifecycle in tangible form.

While centered on dance and physicality, “Mixed Movement” will explore, in an immediate and accessible way, the intersection of different art forms and how a work of art itself progresses from idea to revision to remount. Through rapid, dynamic performances, “Mixed Movement” aims to engage audiences who might not otherwise experience dance and to connect artists who might not otherwise come together in one space.

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