Outreach: Seniors in Motion Concert 2012

When Joy of Motion Dance Center Executive Director Doug Yeuell mentioned that people often tell him that they’re too old to dance, one gentleman in the crowd yelled out, “No such thing!” Such was the audience of 125 mature adults who joined us for our inaugural Seniors in Motion Concert at the Atlas Performing Arts Center Sprenger Theatre on Tuesday morning.

Erika Thimey Company performs a piece to “Here Comes The Sun.” (Photo Credit: Bree Gant)

In addition to opening and closing the show, company members from JOMDC’s resident adult hip hop company DCypher Dance (“Seniors in Training”) also led the audience in a rhythm game. However, the real stars of the show were the seniors as this concert was intentionally curated as a performance for seniors, by seniors. Young At Heart showed off their time steps and kick lines in Broadway Tap numbers complete with top hats and canes. The MC Steppers from Model Cities Senior Wellness Center were outfitted in church hats and white gloves for their gospel/liturgical piece. Among this large cast of graceful ladies was Doris Thomas. In addition to directing Serenity Players which she founded in 1983, Miss Thomas was crowned Miss Senior DC in 1992 and remains active as an actress, dancer, singer, and writer at the age of 87. A senior in motion indeed.

The trio from Erika Thimey Company brought their extensive experience to the stage to welcome the sun. JOMDC faculty member Tyrone Murray brought together students from his classes at JOMDC Friendship Heights and Model Cities Senior Wellness Center to perform his signature Afro Jazz style. Jazzemotion presented a lovely quartet to an acoustic Bobby McFerrin song. After the curtain call, everyone was invited onto the stage of the Sprenger Theatre for a dance party.

As he emerged from the theatre, 87-year old Sam, who still teaches ballroom lessons, rated the show “Off the charts!” For more information about JOMDC’s Seniors in Motion Outreach Program, please click here.