Outreach: DEA Youth Dance Program Kickoff Assembly

Dancers pose with Michele Leonhart, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, at the DEA Youth Dance Program kickoff assembly.

What better way to kick off the new DEA Youth Dance Program (formerly D.A.R.E. Dance America) than with a kickoff assembly at Joy of Motion Dance Center partner school Payne Elementary? The DEA Youth Dance Program offers youth a fun and healthy after-school activity where they can learn multiple dance styles, make new friends, and learn some great new moves. The program is one of five major initiatives under JOMDC’s Project Motion Community Outreach. Last week, students of Payne Elementary School enjoyed a special performance featuring DCypher Dance, JOMDC’s resident adult hip hop company. DCypher Dance produces works that enrich and empower community through dances of understanding, tolerance, and celebration. For more information about the DEA Youth Dance Program and JOMDC’s Project Motion Community Outreach, please click here.

The DEA Youth Dance Program kickoff assembly took place at JOMDC partner school Payne Elementary.