Outreach: Buy, Save, and Support JOMDC!

Joy of Motion Dance Center is proud to announce that we are partnering with Recoup, an online marketplace where people can buy brands they want while supporting causes they care about. Buy, save, and support Joy of Motion Dance Center all at the same time!

Help make dance education accessible in the DC region by following these steps:

1) Sign up for Recoup: Automatically designate Joy of Motion Dance Center as the cause you would like to support by clicking here.

2) Buy what you like: Purchase a promotion that appeals to you such as 49% off theater tickets or 50% off food and drink at your favorite restaurant.

3) Save what you want: Recoup automatically donates 10% of each purchase to the cause of your choice, but you can also increase the donation by converting part or all of the rebate value.

4) Support Joy of Motion Dance Center: Your support brings dance education to disadvantaged children, teens, and seniors in the DC area through our Project Motion Community Outreach program.