Outreach: After School at Maury Elementary and Gunston Middle School

by Quynn Johnson

I am excited about how Project Motion Community Outreach is shaping up so far this year. Our after-school classes for Motion Express and D.A.R.E.® Dance are brimming with bright-eyed kids ready to learn how to dance. At my recent visit to the Motion Express class at Maury Elementary, the kindergarteners could barely contain their excitement to work on their jumps, from first to second position, and then skip around the circle to music

The D.A.R.E.® Dance classes at Gunston Middle School and Maury Elementary are more popular than ever this year. At Gunston, the students were working hard to execute Hip Hop dance moves that were challenging to the eye, but easy on the feet. They get to learn from Miss Henny and Miss Christina, members of DCypher Dance. The D.A.R.E.® Dance program at Maury Elementary School has welcomed back Mr. Vincent to teach Jazz and West African dance:

As I continue to visit each of the Project Motion classes, it’s gratifying to see the JOY we are able to share every week with these youth, who are always ready to take it to the dance floor. Broadway, here they come!

Thank you to all the folks who make these programs happen. Want to see our after-school classes in action? Contact development@joyofmotion.org. Know a school that could use an engaging after-school program? Contact outreach@joyofmotion.org.