Meet The Staff: Helen Hayes

Photo Credit: Lawrence Luk
Photo Credit: Lawrence Luk

Name: Helen Hayes

Title: Youth Dance Ensemble Director

Hometown: Born at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda and grew up in Rockville, Maryland

What do you do for JOMDC: Direct the Youth Dance Ensemble Program and teach adult modern and jazz classes

Best part about your job: The faces of the students when they make a discovery or a connection. It’s also great to still be ‘in love’ with your job after all these years.

What do you like to do when you’re not working: Attend music concerts, movies, dine, spend time with friends and family.

Fun fact(s) about yourself: I was almost born in the car on Old Georgetown Road as my mother had gone to the doctor that day and he said I would not be born for at least another week. Guess I changed my mind! Also this past September, I celebrated my 23rd year at Joy of Motion Dance Center!

Favorite dance movie(s): Saturday Night Fever

Something you can’t live without: Carl Rubbo

What interested you about working at JOMDC: Douglas Yeuell – his leadership, vision and friendship is what interested me initially and continues to keep me interested!

Which classes do you like taking at JOMDC: Since I teach six days a week, I rarely get to take class. When I do, I love Helanius Wilkins’ classes.