* Thank you for joining us and we will see you at JoyFest 2020 (if not before) *

The Joy of Motion Dance Festival (“JoyFest”) | June 9, 2019

Jack Guidone Theater @ Joy of Motion | Friendship Heights

Showcasing 750+ youth dancers, Grades 1-12, from all eight Wards of DC, plus Maryland and Virginia, performing ballet, flamenco, hip hop, jazz, modern, and tap — and capturing the power and joy of dance education in the local region



Supported by our Family & Friends:

Heidi and Caryn Thiboheim | Helen Hayes in memory of Joyce Hayes Curtner | In honor of Alice Berhang and BDA Level 2 | In honor of Isabela T. | In honor of Kate Wilson | Kevin Edwards in honor of Brenda Edwards | Margolis Brodsky Family | Walker-Adler Family Charitable Fund