Join Rachel On Her Quest To Lose 30 Before 30

By Rachel Pearl, Director of Production

I have a Buddah belly. Dance gave me great legs but latkes, Nutella and stress have destroyed my gut both inside and out. This thing has to go all the way down. I need to tone my arms, back and legs too but it’s the belly that means the most to me.

I’ve been saying this for a while now, but I really mean it this time. Since it’s that time of year when we include on our resolution list that we’ll lose some weight, I thought I’d invite the JOMDC family in on my journey. I want to feel better. And look better. Did you put that on your list too? Are you also moody? Stressed? Me too. I’ve come up with 5 solutions. Solutions I am promising myself and you that I will stick to in order to reach my ultimate goal.

I want to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday. 30 before 30. Sounds good, huh?

Check with your doctor before you commit yourself to any fitness routine. I have no medical degrees. What I do have are way too many years of failed health improvement attempts. This should be simple.

I am positive that blabbing about my experience to the public is a sure-fire way to keep my word this time. How can I eat junk food or skip a dance class if all of you know I’m on a mission? I can’t.

This is what I promise to do from now until May 8, 2013:

1. I promise to count calories with the Lose it App. It’s just math. Type in your goals and don’t over eat. End of story.

2. I promise to take 1 – 2 dance classes per week. I not only want to lose weight, I also desperately want to feel better; to have fun. Dance class is fun. Maybe I check the clock a few times, but I’m not leaving now. People are watching, there are mirrors and this is fun! I’m hedging towards an addiction to ASA!, ballet and Contemporary African at Joy of Motion Dance Center.

Old Rachel – In LA, circa 2006

3. I promise to get outside. I need to take breaks at work and also add walking/jogging to my cardio routine. Throw in some free weights and you’ll call me crazy as I pump iron up and down H Street. The vitamin D, weight training (essential if you’re losing a lot of weight, hello sagging flesh), and the cardio are essential to this plan. Why did I look my best when I lived in LA? I played outside a lot.

4. I promise to be accountable. I will write to you all once a month until my birthday. I will continue to engage my girlfriends, motivate myself and if I fall off the wagon, I will log the damn cookies in Lose It and get back on the horse. I will not repeat the same patterns. I will make new patterns and I will look like Jessica Biel in a bikini.

5. I promise to look at food as fuel. Does a burger and fries make me feel gross? Yes. So don’t eat them anymore, Rachel. If I buy a box of cookies for my boyfriend but secretly plan to eat a least half of the box…..Don’t buy the cookies, Rachel Pearl! I’m planning on working with a plant-based diet, low acid (so no tomatoes, citrus, coffee, tea, alcohol) with planned calorie feasts.That’s right. I will PLAN my indulgences, because I am in control of the food I eat, not the other way around.

I just want to make this as simple as possible. I need to know when to put the fork down and show up to dance class. The rest will work itself out. That’s it. My 5 resolutions/promises to myself and the DC dance community. See you in class!

Want to join Rachel on her quest to lose 30 before 30? Sign up for ASA!, which is part of our MOVE Program. She’ll also be attending ballet and Contemporary African, two of our adult drop-in class offerings.