Forward: Reopening Joy of Motion

We hope that you are all healthy and well! We are so excited to get back to dancing with you. But first, an update regarding this fall: 

There will be significant and exciting changes in the coming year as a part of Joy of Motion’s institutional commitment to give more emphasis to Black voices, dancers, and dance forms and to help set the organization up for a sustainable future. These changes will take shape in the form of our policies, programming, and strategic direction. 

We’ve used this summer as an opportunity for change and growth as we too are adapting to this new normal by making sure we have the right infrastructures in place to protect our students, families, teaching artists, and staff. We established reopening committees of staff, teaching artistis, and volunteers to assess and recommend policies and procedures to ensure that Joy of Motion is a safe, equitable, and brave space to work and dance. This reevaluation is essential for the sustainability of the organization. 

To keep us all healthy and safe, our traditional fall session of series classes for youth and adults will be broken out into shorter digital sessions. Joy of Motion will not be returning to in-person instruction before January of 2021 at the earliest.

Fall Digital Session Dates

Fall Session 1: September 8-October 25 • $120-$140
Monday classes will be 6 weeks long & Tuesday-Sunday Classes will be 7 weeks long
Registration Will Open Soon!

Fall Session 2: October 26 – December 20 • $140
All classes will be 7 weeks long, fall session 2 includes a one-week break for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Registration Opens Mid-September

Fall Break (Thanksgiving Week): November 23 – November 29
No series classes meet this week.


Prices are inclusive of a $25 non-refundable administrative processing fee.

While we’re online, we will be focusing on continuing to offer high-quality instruction in a variety of styles and levels for all ages. Though the quantity of classes offered may decrease, the diversity and quality of the classes will not. 

Students who were previously a part of performing ensembles can expect to hear from us in the next few weeks about recommended classes for the fall. 

Adult drop-in classes will be announced soon! 

Workshops, masterclasses, and special online events will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. Keep checking back for more information.

The reopening committees have also been developing plans to help build the new Joy of Motion. As a part of that work, the Operations Committee has developed a phased reopening plan that puts the safety of the community first. This plan has been informed by: guidelines and laws from our local government and the CDC, industry-specific research & recommendations, and by our colleagues in the dance & fitness community. We have included a visual overview of the plan as well as broad descriptions of the phases below.

We are hopeful for the future and know that together, we will get through this challenging time. Thank you so much for being a part of our community. We cannot wait to start dancing with you again. 

Joy of Motion Dance Center


Phase 0: Planning, reopening Committee Work. Phase 1: Opening Virtually — online classes resume starting September 8. Phase 2: Instructors return — teaching virtual classes from the studios. Phase 3: Minimal capacity — Limited number of students return to the studio, virtual classes continue. Phase 4: increased capacity — more students taking in-person classes, virtual classes continue. Phase 5: full capacity (new normal) — return to pre-covid-19 capacity in studio

Phase 0: Planning & Reopening Committee Work

This phase began in mid-June and will go through September 4.

The committees of staff, teaching artists, and volunteers have been developing these opening plans, new policies and processes to help us rebuild a NEW Joy of Motion. This phased reopening plan and the tactical procedures that will help us get back into the studios are all a part of that work.

Phase 1: Opening Virtually — Offering Online Classes Only

This phase will begin on September 8.

Online classes will resume! Our team is currently developing a schedule together with our Programming Committee of instructors and volunteers. Look for further detail around August 15. 

In this phase, we will be teaching classes over Zoom, and both staff and teaching artists will be remote. Limited numbers of staff and teaching artists will be permitted to access studios to teach classes as needed for long class blocks. Under current legislation, it costs us $150 in cleaning fees and one hour of time to fully sanitize studio spaces between each use. These measures are critical to keeping our community safe at this time. 

We will also be utilizing this time to look at industry research, guidelines from our local government, and other dance studios to identify and implement safety measures for students when they are able to return.

Phase 2: Instructors Return — Virtual Classes Continue

Instructors are encouraged to return to teach from the studios if they feel comfortable. Zoom classes will continue with staff supporting teaching artists onsite and remotely. In this phase, we will also be testing our safety precautions to ensure that staff and teaching artists feel safe, comfortable, and prepared to welcome students back to the studios. 

Phase 3: Minimal Capacity — Some Students Return, Virtual Classes Continue

A very limited number of students will be permitted to return to the studios with strict social distancing and increased cleaning measures in place. We are exploring the possibility of offering in-person and virtual hybrid classes or a combined schedule of in-person and virtual programming.

Phase 4: Increased Capacity — More Students Allowed to Return

Welcoming a slightly increased number of students back to the studio with social distancing and increased cleaning measures remaining in place. Programming continues as it did in Phase 3.

Phase 5: Full Capacity — New Normal

Returning to Pre-COVID-19 studio capacity. Resuming outreach programs & performances.


What are the timelines for Joy of Motion’s phased in-person opening plan and who decides when the organization moves between phases?
How did the pandemic impact Joy of Motion, and what steps is Joy of Motion taking to remain viable?
What are Joy of Motion’s priorities for the coming year?
How is Joy of Motion committing to be anti-racist and responding to the Black Lives Matter Movement?
What is the Annual Board Renewal and when will new members be introduced?
When can I come back to class?
Can I get a refund for my Winter/Spring classes and summer camps?
What is happening with my class pack?

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