Former Soloist for Alvin Ailey, Edward Franklin joins the JOMDC Faculty!

Former PEdward Franklinrincipal/Soloist for world renowned companies including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and PhilaDanco, Edward Franklin joins the JOMDC Faculty in both the adult and youth programs. This past summer, Edward taught in the 45 Degrees Project, a JOMDC partnership with Deeply Rooted Productions out of Chicago. Edward is originally from Detroit and recently relocated to Washington, DC. With an open desire to share his passion for dance, Edward is excited to be a part of the JOMDC dance family.

Edward teaches Ballet Inter./Adv., Fridays, 7:30pm, JOMDC Friendship Heights.

We sat down with Edward to learn more about his teaching philosophy and what we can expect from his ballet classes.

1. Welcome to JOMDC! We are so lucky to have you on faculty, and we can’t wait to try your ballet class. Let’s start simple–what three words would you use to describe the experience inside your classroom?

I would have to say artistic, challenging, and inspiring.

2. You have worked with many dance legends. You’ve also danced with many JOMDC faculty members. Tell us about that.

Wow…. When I think of my experience as a professional dancer, I am always overwhelmed with great memories. I have shared the stage with some of the greatest, most innovative artists. The things you learn, share, and develop is priceless. Throughout my journey as an artist, I was blessed with the opportunity of meeting an amazing spirit by the name of Dr. Elana D. Anderson. Seeing Elana move is absolutely mind blowing. That’s how I made it here to JOMDC! I’ve also worked with Taurus Broadhurst while we danced with Ron K. Brown/Evidence and Maverick Lemons while in Philadanco.

Edward franklin in class 213. What was the last “ah-ha” moment you felt while teaching?

Funny that you ask! It was this past Sunday in class! Right before my eyes, a dancer realized that there is more to see than just the exercise and you can surrender to the development of the artistry. It was beautiful to see!

4. When you are choreographing for class where do you start: with the music? A feeling? A motion? Does the creativity happen all at once?

It could be the music….it could be the energy in the room…it just turns on!

5. Speaking of music–what is on repeat in your stereo right now? (Dance teachers have the BEST taste in music, don’t they?)

Lol….. “Zombie” by Fela Kuti

6. What do you think of Washington, DC? What are you most looking forward to seeing, doing, making?

DC has everything! It is absolutely beautiful here and I love it. The performing arts has a great platform to stand on here in DC. I am looking forward to creating, producing, and contributing on many projects with artists and organizations that share the love of the arts.

7. Is there any quote you live by, some powerful dance advice, or life advice that relates to your teaching philosophy, you’d like to share with us?

“Dance came from the people, and it should always be rendered back to the people” – Alvin Ailey

Check out Edward’s ballet class with the Youth Dance Ensemble below.