My First Dance Class EVER

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Elizabeth Yu,  Marketing Intern

Can you imagine how anxious a non-dancer would be taking her first dance class? Multiply that feeling by 100 and that was me, two days ago, before my very first Zumba® class. Even though I’m an arts person –  music, painting, graphic design to fashion design, dancing is a brand new field for me. But I’m on a mission to begin this dance adventure, to experience and feel the joy of motion!

As a beginner, I wanted to start with a dance and fitness style class where I wouldn’t need technical dance expertise, which is highly recommended for new dancers. I chose Zumba® class with Treena Wynter, Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the H Street location. Treena

Treena Wynter, Zumba® Instructor
Treena Wynter, Zumba® Instructor

is full of energy and is also incredibly caring. She started us off with strong rhythms to warm us up, and the class was tired within minutes! Treena paid close attention to all of us and seamlessly transitioned to more simple movements at a slower pace when students were getting tired. It was like she knew exactly what we needed, and pushed us to our limit at the right times. I realized I could also perform at my own pace while keeping up with the class. Dance and fitness classes like Zumba® manage to get you sweaty while feeling refreshed at the same time!

JOMDC offers nearly ten Zumba® classes each week including Zumba Gold® for a low impact experience. I chose to try Zumba® at the H Street location so I could experience the large studio and nightlife H Street offers. The whiz of the DC Streetcar reminded me of San Francisco (but without the scary steep hills!). The H Street studio has a large lobby where dancers lay about stretching and toddlers play while their siblings take class. It’s comfortable and feels familiar as soon as you walk in.

I really enjoyed Zumba® class with Treena at Atlas, as did the regulars and newcomers. I overheard several people share their thoughts on different classes, questions about appropriate apparel, and what classes they should take next. It was great to hear people from different dance backgrounds encourage one another to move.

What are you waiting for? Toss on your leggings and sneakers and head over to any JOMDC location for your very first Zumba® class! Click here to see all our dance and fitness classes!