Faculty Features: PILOXING® with Jennifer Hopkins

Jennifer Hopkins is an active performer currently living and working in Washington, DC. She was trained at the prestigious Webster Conservatory where she performed in 42nd Street, Pippin, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Nine. Jennifer worked as a dancer with the Handcart Dance Company and the Genesis Dance Company. She has taught at Soho Dance Studio and Broadway Dance Center in New York and is currently an Artistic Associate with the Dalliance Theatre Company. In addition, she teaches an all levels PILOXING® adult drop-in class at Joy of Motion Dance Center. Her class meets Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at JOMDC Bethesda, and Saturdays 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. at JOMDC Friendship Heights. Click here to register for her class.

What is your teaching philosophy and/or teaching style? 

I believe a teacher’s purpose is to motivate and support. I much prefer to be in the trenches with my students, exploring the work with them, than looking on from afar. This is why you’ll always find me on my feet going full-out every time – I can’t help myself!

What is your favorite part about teaching class?

I love the energy in every PILOXING® room! I love creating a fun environment to sweat and let stress go. You’ll often hear me say in class, “Who says working out has to be all work?” I love having fun as I work out and thrive on the energy of a classroom full of people to help me push harder. So I do my best to make sure each class is fun as well as challenging.

What do you hope your students will take away from your class?

One word: EMPOWERMENT. The PILXOING® motto is Sleek. Sexy. Powerful. So when you walk out of my class I want you to feel empowered, stronger than you did when you came in. I want students to be proud that they got themselves to a class, pushed hard, and came out grinning on the other side.