Faculty Features: Jamile McGee is Coming to JOMDC!

Jamile McGee has performed and danced around the United States and internationally since his debut on Fox TV’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” In addition to working with choreographers Mia Michaels, Shane Sparks and Lorianne Gibson, he has appeared in several music videos including Rihanna’s “SOS,” Nelly Furtado’s “Man-eater” and Chris Brown’s “Gimme That.” Jamile hopes to lead the new movement of dance through his choreography and starting tomorrow will be sharing his expertise as an instructor at Joy of Motion Dance Center.

What is your teaching philosophy?

To have an open mind when it comes to different styles of dance. Always strive to be a student, to learn and absorb knowledge whether the genre is new to your body or something that you have done before. In my eyes, practice doesn’t make you perfect, it makes you better!

What is your favorite part about teaching dance?

I find it rewarding to give a part of my talent and love for dance to my students. From a choreographer’s perspective, it is exciting to see your vision come to life, especially when you’re not expecting it.

What do you hope students will learn from taking your class?

Dance is from the heart. If anything, I hope that they will learn to dance from their heart and soul. So many dancers can do intricate choreography, tricks, etc., but lack the emotion that is needed behind the movement. As well as learning dance, it is also great to learn dance history, origins and the pioneers of various dance forms. When I take a class, I love a good challenge both physically and mentally, so I would bring the same concept to my classes.

How would you describe your style of choreography?

My style is all styles. In terms of hip hop, my background is very extensive. In a class, you may be getting a variety between street, smooth, old school, LA style or raw hip hop. I like to change it up and keep things fresh. I tend to choreograph on how the music/song moves me and how it speaks to my life.