Events: JOMDC Dancers To Perform In Choral Rhythms Concert


By Douglas Yeuell, JOMDC Executive/Artistic Director

Joy of Motion Dance Center is proud to be participating in the Choral Rhythms concert produced by the Congressional Chorus, a fellow resident arts partner at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. Over the past couple months, I have collaborated with Congressional Chorus Artistic Director David Simmons to incorporate dance into the Chorus’ fall concert. The performance promises to be a truly special event being held at the historic and newly renovated Church of the Epiphany in downtown DC on Saturday, November 17th at 7:30 pm.

As for the dance, we will be working with 10 adult dance students from Joy of Motion Dance Center along with members of JOMDC’s Youth Dance Ensemble. Opening and closing numbers for the concert will be choreographed by Yeuell, Cantus in Harmonia and Bab Yetu respectively. The latter is a Swahili version of the Lord’s Prayer. Additional creative talent will include work by JOMDC faculty members Helen Hayes and Kathleen Weitz. They will choreograph and dance a duet to a lovely Brazilian psalm and Weitz will work with members of the Youth Dance Ensemble on a piece titled Sorida – which is a song from Zimbabwe meaning “welcome.” As the chorus sings, JOMDC dancers will fill the space with movement.

Working on projects like this are a truly wonderful way to work collaboratively and creatively on bringing the power of dance to the other performing arts – predominantly choral and orchestral. It is great to see what can be created and how each art form is enhanced by the other. For more information about the Congressional Chorus and their upcoming concert Choral Rhythms, please click here.