Dance Styles

At Joy of Motion, we believe that Dance is for Everyone. Whether today is the first step in your dance journey or if you’re an experienced mover looking for a dance home, we’ve saved a spot in class for you.

Talented teaching artists motivate and challenge dancers of all ages in our supportive, judgment-free classes. Dance to be a part of a community, for fun, for fitness, to find joy today.

AFRICAN & AFRICAN DIASPORICOften referred to as the oldest forms of choreography, African & Afro-Diasporic dance styles refer to a wide variety of dances and movement styles performed in countries located south of the Saraha desert and styles that draw great influence from those traditional dance forms. Hip Hop, Modern, Tap, and Jazz all have deep roots in traditional African styles. Learn More & Sign Up

BALLETBallet is a theatrical dance with a formalized academic and pedagogical technique that originated in the fifteenth century. Learn More & Sign Up

COMMERCIAL: A high-energy combination of self-expression and performance that’s influenced by styles like street, modern, jazz, and hip hop. Learn More & Sign Up

CONTEMPORARYContemporary is an expressive style that combines elements of modern, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and more. Learn More & Sign Up

FITNESS & CONDITIONING: Shake up your workout with dance fitness and conditioning classes for strength and flexibility. Improve your dancing or your technique by developing your coordination, balance, alignment, strength, flexibility, and more in our judgment-free, supportive classes. Learn More & Sign Up

HIP HOP: A style of dance, music, and culture with historical and social roots in African and African Diasporic communities. Learn More & Sign Up

INTERNATIONAL: Styles from around the world like African, Flamenco, Scottish Highland Dance, and more! Learn More & Sign Up

JAZZ: A performance dance technique and style that first emerged in the United States in the early twentieth century with strong roots in African Diasporic communities. Learn More & Sign Up

KIDMOTION: Teaching tiny dancers how to move to music. Over several weeks, students ages 2-5 play movement & dance-based games. Through these classes, children develop motor skills, physical, and spatial awareness. Learn More & Sign Up

MODERN: A broad genre of western concert or theatrical dance pioneered in America by dancers like Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey. Learn More & Sign Up

TAP: A percussive American dance form with roots in Afro Diasporic and Irish culture. Learn More & Sign Up